Stress, Sleep and Mental Health



Acupuncture can regulate emotions, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, boost energy, and improve sleep quality and quantity. Importantly it is a drug-free therapy. With acupuncture, every patient is considered unique and treatments are tailored to specific needs. It is easy, relaxing, accessible and can seamlessly be integrated with medical treatments such as counselling or medical prescriptions.



Treatments frequency varies depending on your situation, however weekly treatments for 6-8 weeks is one course of treatment and can address many issues. Ongoing biweekly or monthly treatments are often required for ongoing care and prevention.



Insomnia, rumination, anxiety, stress, irritability/anger, addiction support, PTSD, depression

Modern life is not always conducive to good sleep or relaxation. Stress is absolutely essential to survival as it keeps us safe, ensures we eat and drink well, and supplies our bodies with information and the physical tools to allow us to navigate the world. However, too much time in a stressed state or a traumatic experience can overstimulate the nervous system to affect sleep, digestion, immunity, mood, emotions, pain response, and many other essential systems.  Acupuncture is a fantastic tool to help combat the negative effects of stress as it supports balance in the nervous system, helping to down-regulate the fight-or-flight response responsible for stress symptoms.