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Kingston Acupuncture
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We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. Before your first appointment, you will receive an intake/consent form to complete on-line. Please complete as much or as little of this as you are comfortable with - at the minimum your main complaint and a brief history of this complaint, as well as any other health concerns or prior conditions. During your first visit, Sean will review your medical history, health goals and what to expect during treatment. After, you will lie either on your back or front on a massage table (loose pants and a loose top are most comfortable and it allows Sean to access all the points necessary for the treatment). It is also recommended to remove shoes and socks.

Is it safe? Does it hurt?

Every patient experience is different when it comes to needles. On rare occasions patients may experience light bruising, bleeding, or needle site pain and sensation. Patients should inform the practitioner if any discomfort arises.

Is dry needling the same as TCM acupuncture?

Dry needling is a technique used by Western practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, and occupational therapists etc. based on strictly body anatomy as opposed to TCM principals. Thin metal needles are inserted in specific muscle trigger points to release tension and pain. Dry needling does not apply any TCM principles nor diagnosis. Hence, dry needling practitioners are not necessarily receiving the same level of training as set out by the standards of our College. In other words, those who practice dry needling might not meet the requirements to use the title of "Registered Acupuncturist" or "Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner" in the province of Ontario.