With acupuncture and fertility coaching, you will get a full assessment and analysis of your reproductive health, as well as a treatment plan including acupuncture protocols, dietary changes, exercise, and useful or necessary supplements. Implementing changes to your daily routine can optimize your chances of a pregnancy, and reduce the chances of miscarriage. Acupuncture can address menstrual irregularities, reduce inflammation and improve uterine blood flow for better egg quality. Research also supports acupuncture’s role in healthy sperm production and men's sexual health. Perhaps most importantly it can help to reduce the stress and anxiety surrounding your journey to a happy, healthy pregnancy.



Typically 10-12 acupuncture treatments are required, as well as a commitment to lifestyle and dietary changes. It is always best to treat both the female AND THE MALE PARTNER!



MEN: Chronic/acute pain, prostatitis, sperm health, erectile dysfunction, IVF preparation and support, premature ejaculation, CPPS

WOMEN: Fertility, pregnancy, morning sickness/nausea, pre-birth preparation, IVF preparation and support, PCOS, endometriosis, painful period, heavy menstruation, unexplained infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, advanced maternal age, pelvic pain

For men or women. Infertility can be a result of several different factors including advanced age, diminished ovarian reserve, male factor and sperm health, as well as unexplained infertility (perhaps the most frustrating), endometriosis or PCOS. The stress of infertility can be extreme and profound, not to mention the affect it can have on relationships and our physical health. Using acupuncture is a drug-free alternative to optimize your body’s fertility and complement other medical care.